Wedding Gifts For Couples Who Are Already Living Together?


Wedding gifts are an essential part of any wedding.

It’s good to be able to come up with a list of things that you and your partner will need to start your married life in the best possible way.

But supposing you have already been living together for some time? Many modern couples do live together before making the decision to get married. And this means that the traditional idea of receiving wedding gifts to help you set up your first home together needs some rethinking.

You will probably find it best to sit down with your partner to think about what you still need in your home to add to your wedding gift list. Go through each room in turn and jot down anything obvious that is required. For example you might want a new duvet and a nice new duvet cover set for the bedroom. This is a good option even though you will have some sets already.

You could think of your wedding gift list as an opportunity to replace certain things that you don’t like or which are coming to the end of their useful life in your home too. Explore all the usual haunts and set up your wedding gift list in the best possible place.

It is also becoming more popular to give the happy couple money at their wedding. This has led to some couples coming up with the idea of asking for a donation towards their honeymoon. It will already have been bought and paid for by the time of the wedding of course, but you can still ask people to donate money towards it and put the money in your bank account.

Gift cards are another good idea. Since it is very likely that smaller gift ideas will be exactly the things you already have – such as the obligatory toaster for example – you can set your hearts on something larger instead if you wish. For example you might both need a new leather three piece suite. This is too expensive to expect one person to buy, so ask for gift cards to go towards the one you want for the specific store you will buy it from. This way people can donate whatever they can afford, and you should end up with a significant chunk of money to put towards your desired purchase.

Another idea that some couples who truly do have everything are considering is to donate money to a charity. In most cases you will have one or two charities that you both particularly support, so you can ask for donations to one or both of these. There are websites that help you in this respect so you can set up a gift list in exactly the same way as you would normally. The only difference is that the money will go to charity instead of to you.

As you can see there are lots of ideas for creating your wedding gift list if you already live together. And you can have great fun deciding what to put on it!

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